My Friend From St. Louis

My Friend from St. Louis, Sheree Nielsen, (You may remember her from this earlier blog post) just won the first place award from the Warriors Anthology Competition for a wonderful photo she took while she was visiting Sunset Beach earlier this year.  The photo is called “Dear Kindred Spirit” and it captures her husband, an Air Force Veteran writing his thoughts and prayers for the veterans of the armed services in one of the journals provided by the Kindred Spirit. The shot features the American flag flying high in the background adjacent to the mailbox.

I wanted to congratulate Sheree on an excellent photo and take the opportunity to share it with all of you, and encourage you to take a look at her blog. She writes ‘Sheree’s Warm Fuzzie’s’, a blog that explores new places, the beauty in everyday life, and things that will make you smile–certainly something we could all use once in a while.

Dear Kindred Spirit by Sheree Nielsen

“Dear Kindred Spirit” by Sheree Nielsen

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