Sunset Beach

“Dad can catch flies in his hand,” Adam piped up.

“ Really?” Jenny said amused. “What a talent,” she said facetiously.

“ You try it sometime,” Colin said. “It’s not that easy.”

“ You’ll have to show me.”

“ I will when we get back to the beach house, there are plenty down by the trash cans.”

“ I’ll look forward to it. Apparently it’s all down hill after the fourth date,” She said with a smile.

“ There are other activities I had planned, but you kaboshed them, remember?” he said teasingly.

“ I remember. Boy, that wine cooler’s going to my head. Suddenly I’m sleepy, I could use a nap.”

“ You can use my bed,” he said suggestively, then added. “I’ll stay here and entertain the kids.”

“ Okay. Is it all right if I use your shower too? I don’t want to get sand in your bed.”

“ Of course,” he said. “I don’t want you to get sand in my bed either.”

She picked up their lunch things and her beach bag and went back up to the beach house. Finding the master bedroom on the top floor she looked out the sliding glass door to the beach. Colin was throwing a frisbee back and forth to the kids. He looked so tanned and so well built as he flexed his muscles catching and throwing the disc. She felt the heat coursing through her and when she turned and looked at his bed she felt a melting desire between her thighs. No more wine in the hot afternoon she told herself as she made her way to the bathroom.

The shower felt so good on her slightly sunburned body. She had been so concerned about everybody else’s sunscreen that she’d forgotten all about hers. She used Colin’s Pert Plus shampoo and conditioner to wash her hair, knowing that without a separate conditioner she was condemning herself to comb through many tangles. She toweled off with the towel hanging on the towel rack, still damp from his last use of it, instead of grabbing a fresh one. The slightly abrasive feel of it against her smooth skin was somehow erotic, just knowing he’d used it to rub against his bare skin. She was even finding something sexy about a few stray body hairs she’d seen on the floor. She was definitely losing it, she thought as she went into the bedroom.

She had only one change of clothes with her, and she didn’t want to wrinkle them by sleeping in them, so she slid between the sheets with nothing on. She nuzzled into his pillow on the queen-sized bed. Had there ever been another man who had smelled so good? She drifted off to a marvelous slumber, the kind you get when you steal a nap in the middle of the day, your body all tingly and clean, your mind at complete peace with everything.

When she awoke it was because she heard a soft masculine sigh. She slowly opened her eyes and turned over to find the source of it. Colin was leaning against the doorframe, his eyes staring at her with profound desire.

He’d come up to check on her and found her asleep in his bed with her long blonde hair spread out behind her, fanning her shoulders and the pillow she lay upon. The beauty of the sight of her lying there had taken his breath away. As she turned to face him he noticed that she had the top sheet tucked under her arm and that her shoulders were bare.

“ Are you in my bed naked?” he asked almost choking on the question.

She nodded slightly.

“ Arrgghh!” he groaned as he gripped the doorframe behind him with his fingers, turning his knuckles white with the effort. After a few moments and several deep breaths he pushed off from the doorway and walked into the room. He sat on the bed, his hip close to hers. “Would you scream if I were to slip in there beside you?”

“ I wouldn’t scream, but I wouldn’t be very happy,” she replied.

“ Give me a few minutes and you would be.” He leaned down to stroke her hair. “Your hair is so beautiful, so soft and so silky.”

“ I used your shampoo and your hairbrush, I hope that was all right.”

“ Oh no, now I’m gonna get cooties. Of course it’s all right. The kids took a walk to the Beach Mart. When they get back, dinner should be just about ready.”

He leaned down and placed a kiss on her shoulder. Then he followed it with several more going up the side of her throat and ending with her lips. He kissed her with infinite tenderness, careful not to brush her lips too harshly with his five o’clock shadow. He pulled away and looked at her upturned face. Then his hand joined hers at the top of the sheet and he slowly pulled it out of her hand. At first she resisted slightly, then she didn’t resist at all. When it fell to her waist, his eyes followed it.

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