Meet Me in St. Louis, or at Sunset Beach!

Dear Kindred Spirit

Dear Kindred Spirit…
Photo Credit: Sheree Nielsen

In my last blog post I mentioned my friend Sandy and I brought a first time visitor to the mailbox with us on our adventure to restore the flag before Memorial Day. Her name was Sheree and she was visiting from St. Louis, Missouri. Though email she had asked if she we could show her the Kindred Spirit Mailbox that she had heard about on her first visit to Sunset Beach (this was her second trip).

She has her own blog and wrote a lovely entry about the mailbox and her experience there. I encourage you to read it, it isn’t very long, but as someone who lives so close to such a unique landmark it is easy to forget what a treasure the mailbox is, and seeing from an outside perspective helped me remember.  The link to her blog is below, feel free to leave Sheree a comment or just say hi!

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