6 thoughts on ““Flash Drive” Short Story

  1. Jackie, as always flash drive is just as great as all your other books which I have every one and will be waiting for your next book. The first real date my husband and I of 32 years had was at sunset beach it is a magical place.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed the book, I really worked hard on that one, making everything tie in. I am working on a neat, spicy historical now. I hope to have it ready in a few months. I have a local interest book coming out soon, and a short novella that may work its way into a series. Who knows? Anyway, I am writing! Wow, what a great first date place. I can see you now, walking and holding hands and getting to know each other. What a magical place indeed! I’ll let you know when the next book is out.

  3. So glad you had a chance to read it, as I know how busy you are. So glad you enjoyed it and I am thrilled you couldn’t put it down. That’s wonderful praise coming from a writer of your caliber!

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