Fantastic Grape Salad!

My good friend (and one of my very first fans!), Marcia Brock told me about this amazing dessert she makes for her family when they come to the beach. She makes it the first day, shoves it into the refrigerator, and they “eat it down” all week. I was intrigued and wrote down the recipe. I wanted to make it right away, but it fed so many that I decided to make it for my daughter’s bridal shower. So I finally made what I fondly call, “Marcia’s Evil Addictive Grape Concoction.” Oh. My. God. It is amazing how awesome it is.  My husband who rarely does dessert and has to be held down to be force-fed fruit, had two bowls. My Aunt, who declined taking any as she “didn’t like grapes,” was forced to try it when my mom plopped some on her plate. She left with two full containers and the recipe. I can see how this can easily turn into refrigerator crack. I thanked Marci by email, although I don’t know if I should have thanked her, as I had to admit, one addict to another, that I am now hooked. I don’t want to just put her recipe out there online, but I’ll be happy to send it to anyone who wants it. With a warning. As grapes are expensive, this could easily blow your grocery budget. Also, if the whole world got wind of this recipe, there wouldn’t be any grapes left to make wine. And that would be truly sad. Jack

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Grape Salad!

  1. Would you b so kind as to send me this recipe for Fantastic Grape Salad? I will be attending an Retreat in October and would love to bring this. Thank You Ever So Much, Susan (DeGroot) Duchesneau


  2. Please post the recipe. I am having a baby shower at my home this coming Saturday and would love to make the grape dessert. Thanks!

  3. Since I am still getting requests for this I will go ahead and post this:

    Evil Grape Concoction a.k.a. Refrigerator Crack

    3-4 pounds of grapes (sweet, seedless, red/green or a combination) washed and dried.
    1/2 cup Splenda Sugar Blends Regular Sugar
    3/4 cup Splenda Sugar Blends Brown Sugar
    1 regular-sized brick of Philly Cream Cheese
    8 oz. sour cream
    1TSP pure vanilla extract
    1 cup finely chopped (crushed) pecans

    Mix all with a large spoon in a very large bowl. Cover and refrigerate.

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