Blondes on Bikes

We were determined to have fun while exercising and as my friend had just had a new bike rack mounted to her Lexus SUV, we decided to “carry” our bikes to the beach and ride them from the gazebo to the jetty—which we did. Things couldn’t have gone smoother . . . until she dropped me off at my house. We both got out to get my bike off the carrier and Sandy, looking dumbfounded asked, “Uh, Jack, where’s your bike?

That’s the problem with a Lexus, too quiet. We never heard a thing. Surely a bike falling to the pavement makes a racket?

Her bike was the only one on the carrier. Obviously we had not secured mine properly and had lost it somewhere between the parking lot at the gazebo and my home in Sea Trail. I suspected the bridge was the culprit. We backtracked— to no avail. My one-year-old hot pink Sun Drifter was not on the side of the road, in a ditch, or floating in the marsh.

My husband called the Sunset Beach Police Department in case whoever found it tried to return it. I had visions of a happy-go-lucky kid pedaling away and smiling at his good fortune. Ten minutes later the police department called saying someone had found it!

It had fallen off onto the bridge and surprised the gentleman following us. He had called out, waved his hands and then shrugged as we continued merrily on our way. Fortunately, Kim of Julie’s Rentals, was crossing the bridge in a truck and was able to take the bike to her shop where she notified the police. It sure is a wonderful thing when people help out like this. Last year’s birthday present is now at Island Hoppers being repaired.

Thank you to the police department for caring about something so seemingly trivial, to the man who was flabbergasted to have a bike flying at his windshield so early in the morning, and to Kim for taking the time to stop on the bridge, pick up my bike and notify the police. Should you happen to see two blondes with pink bikes lashed to a carrier with fifty bungee chords, be reminded of how special this little corner of the world is.

Jacqueline DeGroot

One thought on “Blondes on Bikes

  1. Now I may have to do a painting of your bike just because of this story!!! Also, you can email me the grape salad recipe – sounds like something I would love.

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