The Mailbox after Hurricane Joaquin

As you may know, Hurricane Joaquin cascaded over the Carolinas during the past week. While our immediate area avoided a lot of damage, we still felt impacts from flooding, especially on the beaches. Once again, the Kindred Spirit Mailbox was gifted a guardian during the storm.

Before the brunt of the storm hit, someone tethered a red rope from the flagpole to the mailbox to ensure that even if it was knocked over, it wouldn’t be washed away. The mailbox did get upended during the storm and the flooding, but it was still there. Once the rain stopped, volunteers with the Bird Island Preservation Society went down to put the mailbox right again.

Another volunteer had gathered the notebooks that were inside and brought them home to dry out. Time after time, when it comes to the mailbox, we’re all kindred spirits uniting to keep the spirit alive!

Kindred Spirit Mailbox Knocked Down by Hurricane Joaquin

The Mailbox after Hurricane Joaquin

The Mailbox after Joaquin

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