A New Bench for the Kindred Spirit!

Yesterday was such a whirlwind of events, it was hard to share what was going on. So here’s the story and a few photos!

Tom Thomas, who anonymously donated, built, and installed a Kindred Spirit bench in 2011, offered to build another after this year’s Tropical Storm Ana took away the other, older bench.

This time we got the town involved to deliver it. Last time Tom and his family covertly “planted” the beach in the hour before dawn. The town drove the bench out and even installed it for us. I was surprised how fast they were able to set it up, measure, and sink the legs. Tom and his whole family came to Sunset Beach for the event (and for a yearly vacation and family reunion). Afterward, we held a small celebration in the new Sunset Beach Park to thank Tom and the town for their hard work in getting The Kindred Spirit a new bench! This one has a back on it, so people can rest after the ride or walk down to the Mailbox.

I know the Kindred Spirit will be thrilled when more people come and enjoy the beautiful view and relaxing solitude that this special spot epitomizes.

Digging Holes

Digging Holes

Still Digging!

Still Digging!

Installing the Bench

Installing the Bench

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

Testing it out

Susan Parker testing it out

The New Bench!

The New Bench!

Tom's Son and Grandson

Tom’s Son and Grandson

Tom Being Interviewed

Tom Thomas Being Interviewed by Laura Lewis

Me and Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis and Me

One Happy KS Helper

One Happy K.S. Helper

Celebration in the Park

Celebration in the Park


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