Ocean Isle Beach History Talk at the Museum of Coastal Carolina

Ocean Isle Beach History

Old Ocean Isle Beach Ferry

One June 23rd I will be speaking at the Museum of Coastal Carolina in Ocean Isle Beach from 6pm to 7pm about some of the stories I’ve encountered while doing research for a new Ocean Isle Beach History Book. I would love for you to join and hear some of the fascinating history I’ve come across. Here is the press release for the event:

When you drive over the bridge to Ocean Isle Beach (OIB) today, houses cover the island from the east end to the west end. Yet, in mid-1954, there were only seventeen houses on the island and only ten permanent residents. When Hurricane Hazel swept over OIB in 1954, only two of the houses survived the storm. What was life like back then, when the only way to get to Ocean Isle Beach was by boat? On June 23 at 6 PM, the Museum of Coastal Carolina will take a trip down memory lane when it hosts a panel discussion of the early days of OIB – the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. The panel consists of V. Ryan (Bunny) Lauzon, June McLeod, Gladys Stanley, Gerry Strickland, and Virginia Williamson. The panel moderator is Sunset Beach author Jacqueline (Jack) DeGroot.

Jacqueline DeGroot has written 21 novels and books. She is currently working on a local history book with Miller Pope that is based on interviews with local residents. In addition, she is working on a third book in her Cemetery Kids series, a historical novel, and a contemporary novel.

The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at 21 East Second Street, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Admission is free for members. Non-member all-day admission (including NC sales tax) is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors, $7 for children, and free for age 2 and under. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day the museum’s hours are 10-8 Monday-Thursday, 10-5 Friday, and 10-1:30 Saturday. For more information, call 910-579-1016 or visit www.MuseumPlanetarium.org.

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