My Interview in Our State Magazine

kindred-spirit-mailbox our state magazine

Photo by Katie Quine

Last month, the day after Tropical Storm Ana visited, I was driving back from Virgina to meet Katie Quine, a journalist from Our State Magazine.  We were supposed to meet at the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. She came to Sunset Beach to interview both Frank Nesmith and me about the origins and the story of the mailbox.

That afternoon, just as I was running out the door to meet her, I got an email that the mailbox had been washed away and volunteers were scouring nearby areas to find it. Frank called and told her we would have to postpone. As you know, the mailbox was found intact and we set everything right in a few day’s time.


Photo by Katie Quine

Katie came back a few weeks later and we did the interview on Frank’s porch rather than at the mailbox. It felt more like talking with old friends than an interview. I could listen to Frank speak about Claudia and the mailbox over and over. Each time he tells the story another small detail of their lives emerges and the mailbox history grows.

I will probably never know all the secrets of the Kindred Spirit Mailbox, I don’t think anyone ever will, but it’s nice to hear a little more of the story each time.

Click Here to Read the article from Our State Magazine or read it in the June 2015 issue.

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