The Earl’s Wet Nurse Available on Audio Book

I have a new audio book available for download, The Earl’s Wet Nurse. The book is available though both iTunes and Amazon (via Audible).

I am very excited about the release of The Earl’s Wet Nurse as an audio book with Audible. The story is set in England so I am thrilled that Whitney Webster did such a good job with the voice. She has a delightful accent that captures the characters perfectly. Check it out and listen to a sample and you’ll see what I mean.

And just as I did for my last audio book, I have ten complimentary codes for the audio book so let’s have a contest for them! Enter to win at the bottom of this post or on the Win a Free Audio Book page. (Note: Contest ended April 25th)

The Earls Wet Nurse Jacqueline DeGroot Audio Book

Below is the description of The Earl’s Wet Nurse:

The earl of Sefton is delighted when he sees the midwife approaching bearing a tiny bundle. Within moments of being introduced to his new son, his world is shattered by the news that his wife did not survive the birth. Thorne, a man used to commanding regiments, puts his emotions aside to deal with providing for his newborn son. His first concern – one made known to the entire household by his heir’s fully functioning lungs – is to secure a wet nurse. Catherine had met and married her seafaring officer within days of meeting him. She had been selling jams and jellies for her church on market day when Thomas swept her off her feet. She fell wildly in love, and when he proposed she was delighted to finally be free of her aunt. When Thomas shipped out two weeks after marrying her, he promised to return. Four months later it was confirmed that all hands were lost at sea. It was at about that time she could not deny her swelling belly. Told by the midwife attending her that her child was stillborn, Catherine is beside herself with grief. Now, all alone, with nowhere to turn, she has no choice but to accept the position of wet nurse when it is offered. The earl’s entire household is charmed by Catherine and well pleased that she is able to bring peace and quiet as well as joy back to the manor. As Catherine and Thorne grieve for their spouses and tend to the young heir’s needs, the three of them begin to bond. They take walks, share meals, and read books together. They laugh again, which neither thought they would ever do…and they become friends. Then they kiss, and one night, when he discovers her self-pleasuring, they become much more. It is a magical time on the coast of England. Southport is a bustling harbor on the cusp of wondrous things, and Sefton Manor and its inhabitants are about to embrace it all.

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