Sunset Beach-50 Years Old! A nice celebration put on by the Town at Sea Trail

Bill and I, and a few of our friends were lucky enough to get tickets for the Sunset Beach ‘Celebrating 50 Years’ dinner on Tuesday night.  It was a wonderful event with some great food, I tried to take some photos, but as I am still getting used to my iPhone, a majority of them did not turn out well.

Here’s one of the band, which was great!

50th Celebration Band

Mike McIntyre, our representative, was there and spoke too!
Mike McIntyre Speaking
And an example of my bad photo taking, I am assuming that this is a spoon? I promise I will get better just hang in there!
Bad Photo

They also have a beach party to be held on May 18th near the gazebo that they are issuing tickets to on April 15th at the Town Hall. The event is for homeowners of Sunset Beach, so if you live in the area it sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to meet the neighbors if you haven’t already! You can find more information about the event on the town website!

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