Bulletin Board Mania

Last week I made a diligent effort to get my office organized after a hectic promoting season where it seems I continually dropped things and then ran out the door again. I am cleaning the last quadrant and which includes my bulletin board—always a delightful review of times past because cherished mementoes are rarely removed.

These are the things that are currently tucked willy-nilly under crisscrossing bric-a-brac ribbons:

  • A promotional postcard for the “Widows of Sea Trail” (book #3), made by Clif at RBR Books for a signing on July 24, 2010. It is the only one of its kind; sadly the independent bookstore in Leland is no longer open.
  • An email from Shirley, with the South Brunswick Newcomers Club, reminding me of a talk I’m supposed to do in March of 2013.
  • A news clip of Elaine Bigelow’s oil painting being featured at Sunset River Marketplace. It is truly lovely and one day I hope to make enough money selling books to be able to afford to buy one just like it.
  • A picture of the Kindred Spirit mailbox showing the post buried in the sand to within a foot of the box due to a hurricane.
  • Pictures of Regina and T.J.’s three children. According to them, two are attributable to Regina having read the “Widows of Sea Trail” trilogy.
  • A blank Chapel on the Green notecard. I’m sure it was put there as a reminder to send it to someone, but I haven’t a clue who.
  • A postcard of Athens sent by my good friend Mark, tour guide extraordinaire, sent in 2008. It’s a reminder to save money so maybe one day I, too, can see the Acropolis with the sun setting behind it.
  • A Christmas card and note from my former aerobics instructor, now a full-time RVer, offering me the use of her journals. If I keep writing the RV series, I may take her up on that!
  • A Family Circus cartoon where “Jeffie” tells his mom that, “My mouth feels like it wants something bubby to drink.” I always want champagne, too!
  • A handwritten note to “Let it Percolate!” a testament to the fact that good writing results from letting things sit for a while to steep and settle before a final edit.
  • A photo of Milo, my daughter, Kim’s little yorkie taken his first Christmas. Can you say adorable? The Halloween pic when he was only two months-old is even cuter.
  • A collection of my favorite prayers that I’ve committed to memory: John Wesley’s Covenant, St. Theresa’s Prayer, and St. Francis of Assisi’s Prayer.
  • An encouraging bit of trivia about famous books and how long they took to write: The Pelican Brief-3 months, The Grapes of Wrath-5 months, Falling in Place-7 weeks, Doyle’s first Holmes novel-3 weeks, How Stella Got Her Groove Back-1 month.
  • Ads for signings at My Sister’s Books in Pawley’s Island and at the Chocolate & Coffee House at the Litchfield Exchange. It was so nice to finally break into the South Carolina market.
  • An AARP article on how to get things fixed for free (www.fixya.com).
  • A very special card from Kandis Griffin and The Leopardo W.I.N.O.S. (Women in Need of Sanity), an amazing group of women from New York who are very supportive fans.
  • A pamphlet from a packaging company with great prices for envelopes to ship my books in.
  • A typewritten quote that I love: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.”

An eclectic collection to say the least . . .




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