Cemetery Kids 2 is Out!

Cemetery Kids 2 The Ghosts of Bird Island Find a FamilyHope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I am lucky enough to still be enjoying a relaxing holiday with family and friends.

As much as I tried to have the second Cemetery Kids out before Christmas, life got in the way. However, I didn’t miss my deadline by muchmy latest book Cemetery Kids Ghosts of Bird Island Find a Family is out! It is only out as a Kindle E-book right now, but the printed version will be available next week on Amazon.com. The Pelican Bookstore in Sunset Beach will have it in stock next week and so will the local gift stores.

I truly enjoyed writing this book knowing how much everyone was looking forward to the sequel. Below is the blurb from the back cover, enjoy!

As Christmas approaches, Drew and Piper have their hands full with Kevin and eight bumbling ghosts. Connor, having become Kevin’s best friend, is now using his powers to protect Kevin from bullies at school. Piper is concerned that by him doing this, he could become a bully himself.

Holly, Nicholas and Victoria earn their form through very different rescues—one of which has Drew and Piper making long range plans. But Drew’s ex-girlfriend Marin has plans of her own. She wants Drew back and will go to any lengths to make that happen. The cemetery kids, through their misguided shenanigans, manage to convince Marin that Piper is an evil witch, when she’s really the evil one.

Kevin shows the stuff he’s made of when danger confronts his enemy; and one timely rescue due to the cemetery kids’ premonitions, becomes a game changer for the whole family. Christmas is a time of comfort, joy, and peace. For Piper, Drew, and their new family, the peace they seek is hard fought. But they’re working as a team now, so they’re worthy opponents for anything that could come their way.

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Summer Livin’

It’s been an amazing summer so far, an incredibly busy summer but a great one! Summer is my favorite time of year, the days are longer, the weather is hot, and I take the time to stop and enjoy the little things just a bit more.  So here’s what I’ve been up to this summer:

This summer I pushed myself writing-wise by putting out two books, Cemetery Kids: The Ghosts of Bird Island and Ocean Isle: Gem of the Atlantic Coast with Miller Pope. It meant a lot of writing, editing, reading, and re-editing. But I was able to do some of it outside, even a little by the pool. It also meant doing some research, which I always enjoy, I love learning more about where I live and the history of this area. The first book is out and it’s my first novel for all ages (I’m broadening my horizons!), and the Ocean Isle book will be out in mid-August.

As for my free time, I’ve been taking several bike rides over to the island, and getting plenty of exercise–it’s quite a trek! I’ve gone to a couple of baseball games at Pelican Stadium in Myrtle Beach, our team won each time I’ve been which means I must be a good luck charm. I have given growing some herbs in my garden another go around, it seems that I was born with a black thumb, but my basil is still alive and kickin’.

And most importantly I have taken in those precious moments of summer on the coast, where summer is like no other. Moments where you can feel the sand between your toes, moments where you can watch sea turtles lay their nests on the sand, moments where you can smell the light scent of gardenias wafting through the air,  moments where a night on your porch with a glass of wine feels like heaven on earth.  These are the reasons I love summer.

Amazing View of the Waterway

Amazing View of the Waterway


A Real Lemonade Stand

A Real Lemonade Stand


Frank Nesmith and the dolphin he found on Sunset Beach

Visiting Frank Nesmith and the dolphin he found on Sunset Beach


I Grew Basil from Seeds

I Grew Basil from Seeds


And it's still alive

And it’s still alive


Pelican's Game

Watching the Pelican’s Game

Check Out a Video from my Book Signing

My good friend Sharon was kind enough to make a video of one of my Friday night book signings at the Sunset Beach Trading Company. Check out this great video and if you’re on the island on a Friday night (from 7pm to 9pm) stop by and say hello! I’ll be there through Labor Day! They have great ice cream there too!