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I treasure each comment, letter, hand written note and email I get from my fans. I am truly blessed to have such amazing readers who keep coming back with each book I write. I would love to publish every letter I have received but it would simply be too much. These are a few select reviews from some of my most loyal readers that had the most wonderful things to say. I love hearing from everyone and it really does make it all worth it to know how much you all love what I do. Keep the comments coming!- Jack

“Thank you for many delightful hours of reading. When are you writing the next one?” —Marie Munn

“This could be a bestseller. Your writing definitely does not put me to sleep. My eyes were riveted to every page.”—Kathy Blaine

“The writing is really good. Especially the conversations. It was exactly the way people actually talk. I really enjoyed the book. It’s a good story that reads well.”—Jack Echard

“I really enjoyed the book! It was well written. It moved smoothly. It was full of suspense, humor and graphic sex. I think you did a superb job, especially since this is your first book. This should be a movie.”—Barbara Scott-Cannon

“You’ve written a steamy novel that reads like a diary with enough twists and turns to keep the reader asking—what’s next? Can’t wait for your next one.”—Debi Echard

“It was terrific! Very fast moving and so well written, it just flowed. It was hard to put down.”—Martha Murphy

“CLIMAX has a complex plot, well-developed characters, and loads of local interest. It is erotic, but always in context.”—Suzanne Sourwine

“I stopped reading mysteries years ago because I kept figuring them out before I was halfway through the book; this one had me all the way to the end.”—Judy DeGroot

“You’ve sabotaged my life. We’re leaving Sunday for New York—I’m supposed to be shopping, cleaning, packing and fixing George’s lunch, but I am not able to put this book down! The character development is excellent.”—Sue Kuebler

“I read a lot. I’ve read all the Nora Roberts books and not one of them has been as good as this book. I haven’t enjoyed any of them as much as I’ve enjoyed this one. I’ve even been getting up early to read before going to work!”—Trudy Avery

“When I first saw the size of the book, I thought I’ll never have time to read this. I was amazed how fast I finished it. It was an excellent story line, the characters couldn’t have been better. I couldn’t put the book down.”—Pam Allen

“A great book. A real thriller. Sexy. This book was hard to put down and walk away from. This could really happen in life. I can’t wait until she writes another book!”—Kelli Merchant

“Hi, We met at the Cape Fear Crime Festival in Wilmington. On your recommendation I bought Climax which I just finished. It was a very interesting and captivating read. It’s one of the few books that I have been compelled to sit for hours and read. I usually read a chapter or two of a book before going to sleep. I found your murderer to be disturbing–perhaps because I’ve known too many men (one of whom I married) who were “all a woman could want” on the outside and pretty vacant on the inside but it was not obvious for several years. I also discovered, after reading some of the steamier sections, that my libido, while inactive, is still in tact. Thanks.”–T.S, Wilmington, NC

“Hi Jacqueline, I just finished reading Climax. I bought it in July at the Sunset Trading store. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. I look forward to reading Amanda, which I also purchased in July. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. All the best,”–Cindy Larkins, Baltimore, MD

“A provocative, enthralling and heart-racing novel sure to bring every reader to a Climax.”–Deborah Fenton, Herndon, VA

“Your book has really captivated my attention. I read until 2 a.m. then got up an hour early to read more before going to work. I’m three quarters finished–all my favorites things in one book . . .Wow!”–Ralf Berthiez, McLean, VA

“Thank you for a great book. I made it to page 155 at 11:30 last night after buying it at your evening signing. Please keep writing, I am looking forward to your next book already. Thank you for my summer read!”–Jackie Slekovich, Stow, OH

“I met you at Sunset Beach during a book signing. I wanted to let you know that I am finished reading the book and I absolutely loved it! All the time and effort you put into writing this book is very appreciated. I really enjoy reading and this was one of the best books I have read in a long while. I hope you are writing another one, and will let me know when it comes out. I would definitely be interested in reading more of your books.”–Jenn Cavuto

“I bought CLIMAX on Saturday; was amazed at the size of the book and what a challenge it all must have been. Love your short chapters; the character development, and not being overwhelmed by a zillion characters. I certainly admire your efforts and CLIMAX is a winner!”–Claire Connelly, Sunset Beach, NC

“I was so impressed with your book! I have been telling everyone I know about it! If you need and help editing or having readers for your sequel, I’ll be happy to help.”–Beth Howard, Beverly Hills, FL

“My mom is always asking me to check your website for a new book. She and I both, along with my aunt LOVE your books. I think she asked me three days in a row back before Christmas to see if there were any new books were out so she could get them as Christmas presents.” – Crystal Southerly, Fulks Run, VA

“Jack, I just finished reading Running Into Temptation and you were right—it was a fast, fun read. I can’t wait for the next RV adventure” –Debbie McConnell

“Loved the Widows of Sea Trail series. Now waiting for books 3 and 4 in the RV series. Books 1 and 2 have been to China with my friend JoAnne and will be going to Iowa and New York soon with my friend Mary.” -Lee Thompson, Flagstaff, AZ

“Jacqueline, I am a fan from Ohio who fell in love with the beaches of NC on vacation many years ago…I try to visit Holden Beach as often as life lets me! Upon one of my many visits, years ago, I discovered your books in a very quaint bookstore in that area (I’ve forgotten the name) and LOVED them as much as I love NC! I loved returning to Ohio with your books so I could read them on long winter days and be reminded of the wonderful places you would mention in your books THAT I’VE BEEN TO-Gotta love that!” –Kristy Fischer, Metamora, OH

“Move over Nora Roberts. You have just become my favorite author next to John Grisham, Just finished Shipwrecked at Sunset, it was great. Glad we bought them all while there and it was great meeting you. Keep the books coming.” –Susan, Bergton VA

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the books you gave to us last weekend. I have finished them both and thoroughly loved each one. The details that you put into each one proved how much research you did for them. That must have been really tough, but all your hard work paid off in an excellent final product.”- Jane Flemion, Bethesda, MD

“I love your books and have read every one. We visit Sunset Beach every year and love it. “- Maryann Schaffer, Apex, NC

“Jack, I just finished your book (2:30am) and I could not put it down. The storyline is wonderful and you are an excellent storyteller. One of your best books no doubt. Keep writing, your friend in Texas, Sue. “ –Sue Langston, TX

“I really enjoyed reading The Secret of the Kindred Spirit. I loved this book so much, especially because of the location. Sunset is my favorite beach. I found myself crying after finishing the book because I have never had that kind of love or compassion. Is it just fantasy? It made feelings come back that I though were long gone. You are great, keep up the good work. I’ve read the book three times. Thank you so much!”- Shelly Allen, Concord, NC

“Love your books! Seems like I’m always looking and waiting for a new one. We have been going to Holden Beach for 30 years and having your book in hand takes me right back there sitting in the sand no matter where I am. I often leave books at our home there for others to read but I just can’t leave one of yours of fear it might just ‘walk off.’ Keep writing and finding those special little places along out golden coast.”- Donna Brewer, Siler City, NC

“Thank you for signing my books! I just finished this one and loved it! There is ‘something’ about carrying around a 700 page book on the beach titled Climax!”- Pam McNeel, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

“Oh, Jack! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your books! It is so fun to read about the Sunset Beach area and know just where you are (although I am tempted to seek out the places that sound like good eats!) The murder mystery was an added delight—several stories rolled into one, as many of your books are…”- Marcia Brock, Indiana

“I have just finished reading The Secret of the Kindred Spirit and Running Into Temptation. I loved both of these so much!! I could not put them down until I reached the end. I was so happy to discover that you had written so many more books and I can’t wait to read them all!!!”- Ginger Massey, Shallotte, NC

“My family didn’t go to Sunset this year for the first time since 1997. I was disappointed for many reasons—one of them being that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to see if you had written a new book. However, my friend did go and she bought Shipwrecked at Sunset. She loaned it to me for my family’s vacation to the Isle of Palms near Charleston. I am so glad I had it to read during our week there because of the low country and gullah references in your book. I loved it! You did a wonderful job of sharing history and of developing the characters. I have read many books this summer, but Shipwrecked at Sunset is by far one the best I have read. You really should be excited about this novel—it puts you right up there with Mary Alice Monroe and Dorothea Benton Frank.”- Linda Kirby, Wilmington, NC

“I absolutely love your books. Every time I come to Sunset Beach I buy everything you have out. I cannot wait until you have a new series out…I have nothing left to read!” –Paula Dixon, Denver, NC

“My wife and I met you at the Holden Beach Festival by the Sea back in October. She proceeded to order Climax for me for Christmas and I just finished reading it. It was a great read. Super erotic and a great murder mystery to boot. I think they ought to make it into a movie but your character development was so in-depth and intense that I’m afraid the movie would last four hours! I hope my wife enjoys it as much as I did. Just starting on the second installment of the RV series. So far, so good. Looking forward to more of your writings.” –Ross Snyder, Marietta OH

“I picked up my copy of Sunset Beach: A History and was delighted to see that you had used some of my beloved pictures! Thank you for including them in such a wonderful book of our area…you truly captured the entire span of Sunset Beach with your wonderful writing.” –Pam Callihan, Sunset Beach, NC

“You may not know but I am now the pediatric nurse practitioner and today one of the nurses pulled the first trilogy out of her bag, and I said, “Oh, do you know Jack DeGroot?” She said this was her second book and that another girl in another department had given her the book. That started the flood; these young girls (probably late 20s and early 30s) have just discovered you.  They all love your books and are reading them as fast as they have the time!”- Sandy Payne, Sunset Beach, NC

“Jack, I felt honored to have finally met you after reading several of your books. I could not put down the book Running Into Temptation and Running Up the Score! I would love to meet a man like Brick Tyler!”- Debbie Bissette, Calabash, NC

“I have just finished Running Into Temptation and Running Up the Score. I loved them both and am now looking for the next 2 books in the series. Can you tell me when they will be available? Many thanks for the great reads so far!”- Jim Holden, Northampton, UK

“I started reading your second book and could not put it down until I had read the entire book! Loved it and have recommended it to many people. I read the second one in less than a day! Needless to say, nothing else got done around here but I found that everything waited on me. It was worth it though.”- Anne Hatley

“I stumbled upon one of your books in a used bookstore near Sunset Beach in summer of ’07. I’m hooked! Recently I finished Running Into Temptation and am eager to read the books that follow.”- Judy Mechum, Landis, NC

“I have just finished Running Up the Score, I have to make sure everything is done and up to date before I start one of your books, because I know that is all I will be doing until I finish. Great Book! Reading your books is like listening to you read it, it’s like I hear you, I guess that sounds crazy, but that’s just me. Keep the books coming!”- Marie Marshburn, Sunset Beach, NC

“I used to work with your second cousin, her mom is your first cousin, but retired last year.  As part of my retirement gift when I left, she gave me the first two books in your RV Adventure Series and they were autographed by you.  I didn’t get a chance to read them until just recently, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!  As a matter of fact, I think I’m addicted to them. THANKS for writing the books!  I couldn’t put them down until I finished each one.” -Betty LaFlame, Sykesville, MD

“I just finished The Widows of Sea Trail.  I very much enjoyed it.  I have a condo at River Creek II. It is so much fun to read about Sunset Beach and Sea Trail.  Also have two other of your books I am going to read. Glad to see you are on Kindle. Thanks for the fun!” -Jackie H.

“I meet [Jack] at the 4th of July signing. I told [her that] I do not read and [she] handed me Worth Any Price, I have already finished it. It was the best book I have ever read. I could not put it down… I think one thing that helps keep my attention is it is written about this area. Thank you for [your] help and being such an awesome writer.” -Pam Morrow

“I read another one of your books, drawing a blank on the name. Picked it up at bookstore behind Food Lion, the lady working there suggested it. Loved it, read it in 2 days. I have also passed it on for my hairdresser to read…Can’t wait to get back to the beach I have a house there. I love your novels will be picking up Flash Drive when I come back to the beach this month!”- Heatherlyn Myers

“Just finished the new book today. It was everything I thought it would be. I enjoyed the fact you brought in the girls from the SeaTrail trilogy. Your characters are so colorful and I feel they add to the story when you are familiar with them already. Great story and very intense. I read it in less than 2 days! Keep writing. I love your style. –Judy Mechum

“J.DeGroot has done it again with her latest summer read in Flash Drive!!! Just the right book for the steamy summer days both now and ahead! Her main characters, Laurel and Garrett, meet under harmless circumstances….or so Laurel thinks! With the loss of her flash drive containing all of her *steamy stories*, Laurel thinks life just can’t get much worse! Set in an upscale ocean community, there is plenty of spicy scenes with a wonderful twist! As she is known for, J.DeGroot maintains wonderful local connections throughout the book! A definite perfect summer/beach read! Enjoy!” – from

“Just finished Flash Drive and loved it!!!  Liked the twist of her writings … then losing them!  My favorite part of all of your books is the local flavor you always maintain throughout them!!!  Should be a sequel to this one!!!????  I loved your Beacon article about Fifty Shades (yep, read them all!) and totally agreed with you about their emails…to me, those were the best part of the books, they were short, but said oh so very very much. Again, congratulations on another wonderful read from you.” -Pam Callihan



6 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. I just finished reading “Running into a Brick Wall”. It was everything that I knew it would be, and even more. It was adventurous, sexy, and at times nail-biting. I couldn’t put it down. Keep them coming Jack!

  2. Just finished “Flash Drive” and thouroughly enjoyed it. The only problem is I read it too fast! I just could not put it down, and I agree with a previous comment, it should have a sequel! I cannot figure out how to download the full version of ‘The Rake and the Young Innocent’…..if I cannot figure out how to do it soon, you’ll find me knocking on your door….keep on writing. Carol Santavicca, Sunset Beach

    • Carol,

      I am thrilled that you enjoyed “Flash Drive.” It means a lot to me. A sequel? Hmmm . . . must find a way to plot that out. I must admit I have not tried to download the novelette, if it doesn’t work for you, let me know. I have a tech guru in my pocket. Daughter, Kim, does my website, so she understands all these things. I won’t see you today at Sue’s, it’s the”Sandy” makeup day for The Festival by the Sea at Holden. Supposed to be cold and may be rainy, won’t be as much fun as the other festivals if it is! Love, Jack

  3. You signed your books and gave them to me many years ago . I was your eye doctor. And for the love of Amanda came true in my life, as my daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She under went a stem cell transplant and is still battling cancer. I am thankful for you . You have a special gift, and I am greatful for your words.

    • Hi Tammy! Wow, I’m speechless. Yours is both a wonderful comment and a sad one. Interestingly enough, my own daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in March of 2007 (3 years after “For the Love of Amanda” came out). This October will mark five years since her last chemo treatment and she’s doing great. I do think writing the book was kind of prophetic. And as I love a good romance it has to have the happily-ever-after. So Amanda had to be cured. Kimberly, my daughter, is my happily-ever-after story. I hope you get yours, too.

  4. jack: I am still reading The Earl’s Wet Nurse and amazed at the detail of not just the clothing, but the layout of the manor house, the garden, etc. While sitting out back, I am in heaven just absorbing all of it. Somehow, I don’t want to get to the end!!!! You go, girl !!!!

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