Widows Series

The Widows of Sea Trail

Named for the island off the California coast, Catalina, or Cat as her friends call her, is a widow. She has grieved for four long years and now her mother is trying to get her to put herself back together and to perhaps find love again.

A rash promise Cat makes to her mother has her taking a hard look at herself; it’s time for a makeover—well, past time if truth were told. And why, oh why, had she let her screwball friends talk her into casting that Affecting Spell on an old oak tree? For her mom, she promises to go on six dates before her mother’s upcoming birthday. For her zany friends, she chants to a tree on the golf course behind her house.

As Cat brutally assesses the changes that need to be made if she’s to fulfill her promise, she is shocked to realize that she is ready to find someone new, to see if there could possibly be a man who can make her happy again. Three months isn’t a lot of time to get back in shape and to get out and circulate, but without exception, Cat has always kept her promises to her mother. And maybe, just maybe, finding true love can start with believing in a little magic.

Catalina of Live Oaks is the first in The Widows of Sea Trail trilogy, it’s a spicy romance set on the North Carolina Coast at Sea Trail Plantation in Sunset Beach.

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The Widows of Sea Trail—Tessa of Crooked Gulley

Tessa, short for Contessa, along with her best friends, conjure the magic of Merlin on an old oak tree in hopes that it will bring her true love. Four years of grieving has taken its toll though and she isn’t sure she can believe in H.E.A. (Happily Ever After) anymore.

Shortly thereafter, she treats herself to a Caribbean cruise as a reward for surviving breast cancer. Early one morning she chances to see a harbor pilot jump onto her ship, climb up a ladder, and disappear. Minutes later, her ship is guided into port and she is standing on her balcony, fresh from her shower, wrapped only in a towel. She looks down and sees the incredibly handsome harbor pilot talking to the captain of her ship. He looks up and their eyes meet. Nothing is ever going to be the same for either of them when later that day, they encounter each other on the island of St. Thomas.

As shipboard romances go, hers is a dilly, but when it’s time to go home to Sea Trail Plantation and settle back into her idyllic life, things are anything but routine. Her neighbor and friend, Amy, has been acting strange and has now disappeared. Tessa suspects Amy’s goldbricking husband is up to no good but no one will believe her. Then Roman, her sexy harbor pilot, coaxes her into meeting him in Charleston where legends of slaves and their masters provide fodder for a romance unlike any other.

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The Widows of Sea Trail—Vivienne of Sugar Sands

Vivienne, named after an enchanting sorceress, is ready for that “old black magic” again. It’s been four years since her husband died. Along with her friends, Cat and Tessa, she has decided it’s time to find a man, get wrapped up in a steamy romance, and possibly even remarry. First a makeover is called for, because grief makes us all a little sloppy and neglectful in the keeping-up-appearances department.

Unbeknownst to Vivienne, Cat and Tessa have found the ideal man, a multi-millionaire from Charlotte who’s just hired a professional matchmaker to help him find a wife. Cat and Tessa go online and fill out the application in Vivienne’s name, and soon she is one of the select few to win a date with Philip Camden.

To get her ready for the big date, Cat and Tessa whip Vivienne into shape, walking with her on the beach and supporting her very odd eleven-day diet. Neither bothers to tell her what they wrote on the application that intrigued Philip enough to put her name at the top of his list.

Phillip alludes to an evil secret and a grievous sin, then one night he tells her a story and she learns about his wicked past. Just how does one approach the idea of having sex with a former porn star—even if it was thirty years ago? She’s only been with one man. How is she ever going to keep a man with his experience satisfied?

From the moment Philip meets Vivienne, he is smitten and sure she’s the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Convincing her they can live Happily Ever After however, turns out to be one of his greatest challenges.

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