Running Series

Running Into Temptation

In the first book of the RV series, we meet Carrie Roberts who has just run away from her abusive husband. She has figured out how she can finally get away and slip into a new, anonymous life. Deciding to become a full time RVer to evade the man who will surely stop at nothing to find her, she takes off in her new motorhome. As she travels the country familiarizing herself with her new home, the campgrounds she visits become her world.
During Carrie’s travels she meets Daniel and Angelina, a father
and his five-year old daughter. Carrie is stunned when days
later she discovers Angelina’s picture on a Missing Children’s Network bulletin board at a local Wal-Mart. Her curiosity gets the best of her and even as she enlists the help of a rugged, virile federal agent, she is drawn to discover Daniel’s secret. It’s a chase across the country as an angry federal agent named Brick Tyler rues the day he met the petite stunner named Carrie Roberts.

The whimsical, day-to-day life of a full time RVer is highlighted as Carrie makes her way west trying to stay one step ahead of the exasperated and highly capable Brick Tyler, who is determined to catch up to her and throw her in jail for her double-crossing actions.

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Running Up The Score

Talk about an identity crisis! I have changed my name from Debbie, to Carrie, to Jenny, all in an effort to keep my husband from finding me. But I keep running, and lately all I’m doing is running into trouble.

In Oregon I discover that my neighbors are doing something despicable inside their mega-yacht RV, and then I meet a soldier returning from Iraq who’s trying to find the girl he fell in love with, yet all he has to go on is a picture of her with a snowman.

In California, my neighbors have a very unique family arrangement—one wife, two husbands. Later, I manage to get myself and my new pet lizard stranded in Death Valley. I’m baking in my RV, which has become an oven, when I’m rescued by a cowboy in a limousine and am whisked away to his luxury resort.

Meanwhile, Brick, my boy toy (even though we have never really “toyed”), continuously turns up at the wrong time when things are not as they seem. I say boy toy, because I am definitely not ready to have a “boyfriend” yet. Especially as no matter what I do, I cannot seem to keep my jealous husband from finding me. Stupidly, I walk right into his trap and the nightmares I’ve been having become my reality.

Brick’s a federal agent, and busy trying to catch predators and child molesters, including the one who took his sister four years earlier, but I know without a doubt that he’ll rescue me. I may drive him crazy, but I know that he loves
me, and that he’ll find me before it’s too late.

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Running Into A Brick Wall

For Jenny, our intrepid RVer, the excitement never ends. Staying one step ahead of her abusive husband, who is more determined than ever to find her, she now faces more danger reuniting a missing child with her rightful parents. Her efforts lead to a break in a four-year-old case that is close to Brick’s heart, and take her to the largest RV rally in the country where her mission is to rescue her sexy cop’s little sister from the man who kidnapped her. Jenny, afraid to involve Brick in another false lead, is determined to handle this without him knowing.

Being courageous in the face of danger is what Brick gets paid for, but he’s not so brave in his personal life. Once he discovers his passionate feelings for Jenny, it’s not his job that has him chasing after her—it’s the fear of losing her. Having been afraid to express his love for Jenny, he’s now ready to commit to a relationship. But with Jenny getting into one mishap after another, it’s hard to find the time to show her what she means to him. Jenny, realizing this is the kind of love she’s always dreamed of, is ready to do anything to get Brick’s family back together.

Valiant, daring, and full of life, Jenny is becoming the woman she was born to be as she adapts to the RVing life she was meant to live. As anyone who’s been camping knows, it’s the people you meet along the way who color the tale—so enjoy the journey!

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  1. Is “Running Into A Brick Wall”, going to be the last book of this series? I was really hoping for a happy ever after ending or no ending at all…… Loved getting caught up in her life on the road. You could just keep it going!!! Any way, Hope there will be a next book. Please let me know. Thanks for great reading!

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