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My newest book Cemetery Kids: The Ghosts of Bird Island is out!

Cemetery Kids The Ghosts of Bird Island

Eight kids, dead for over a hundred years, finally get a young woman to listen to their story and help them seek justice for the lives they lost to violence. For years they have tried to contact people living in the house in front of their family graveyard, but being inept with their unproven powers, they only managed to scare each person away. But this one doesn’t scare easily.

Piper loves this little house she’s moved into, it’s perfect for her. So despite being furious at the mysterious events ruining her first night in her new home, she stays. She sees the antics of the clumsy, bungling, and awkward child ghosts as endearing. Once she understands their story, she accepts their challenges and uses their insights to rescue children all over Brunswick County. It’s not long before the little family worms its way into her heart and changes how she feels about family, commitment, and ghosts.

Drew, a sheriff’s deputy, was wildly attracted to Piper when they’d first met several years ago, he is even more smitten with her now, seeing how kindhearted and caring she is while doing one of her “rescues.” He is beginning to entertain thoughts of settling down when he realizes she comes with a ready-made family that includes eight ghosts.

Also out this summer is my new book with Miller Pope Ocean Isle: Gem of the Atlantic Coast

Ocean Isle Gem of the Atlantic Coast

Escape to the sandy shores and salty air with a celebration of Ocean Isle Beach! Ocean Isle: Gem of the Atlantic Coast showcases the beauty of Ocean Isle’s beaches, marshes, canals, and its laid-back lifestyle.

See the featured homes, parks, shops and attractions of this hidden gem. This hard cover, high quality, full-color coffee table edition, available so you can take home a piece of this treasured island and have the beach with you all year long!


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